Juryo Championship goes to Koki Ganzohnegnade. It’s his 10th Championship, 6th in Juryo. Some people are thinking, how his shikona can be written using kanji. Here is one (probably wrong) example, because of using 7 signs:

Makushita Championship is awarded to Nakamaro Ganzübel, becoing his 4th Championship (yet 1st in Makushita) in a row. His quick advance to Juryo is under discussion.

Sandanme division has been conquered by Tarozaemon Ganzeng, another young rikishi who decided to start his career in Bembel-beya.

Jonidan division has been won by Tsuyoshi Toratoyotomi. It’s the second Championship in history of Torafujii-beya, with previous one won in „Ridiculous” August 2015 basho. (by current Juryo, Toramihashi).

Jonokuchi division Championship went to Gesshin Tsuda. It’s the first Championship both for him and for his stable, Taihoyamanaka-beya.

National Zensho has been not awarded this time.

Emperor’s Cup has been awarded to Bembel-beya for achieving Yusho in three divisions.


Good morning, fellow oyakatas. Kosimazaki here. Finally we may start a way to Makuuchi introduction.

First, let’s explain the phases:

Phase One: Juryo Expansion

For the upcoming Haru Basho, Juryo will be expanded to 50 wrestlers.

In Haru Basho, a retirement option will appear. First, a basic one – rikishi will simply retire. His stats will remain and not be removed from the game. Also, during that Basho I will start working on moving the whole Rikishi game out of WordPress. It will be a long process, but I am prepared.

Don’t worry, both „versions” will be available and working on the same database. So, players may use current system for a long time and compete without any problems with players who „switched” to new version as soon as it became playable.

Phase Two: Makuuchi-Juryo Split

Top 30 rikishi from Juryo division after the tournament will start the next one (April Basho) as the highest division, Makuuchi. That way, both sekitori divisions will appear.

Juryo division will also get additional rikishi, to maintain 60 wrestlers in two highest divisions for April Basho.

Phase Three: Sanyaku Titles

When April tournament will end, we will be able to announce first Komusubis, Sekiwakes, Ozekis and Yokozunae. There are two ways of doing that – slow one (by first making Komusubi and Sekiwake, then starting searching for first Ozeki and first Yokozuna) and faster one (by analysis of last tournaments results, position and victory percentage and awarding accordingly). Which way we will use? Oyakatas will decide.

Phase Four: Special Awards

That phase will be the most difficult phase, because it will require both coding ideas and players activity.

Mostly because if we want it to resemble the Ozumo system (and we want it to be that way), this will include voting among the oyakatas. But that’s the story for another time.