Juryo Yusho has been awarded to Gombei Mi-Wajima. It’s his first championship after 6 tournaments being too close to the victory and even participating three times in the play-off phase. Could it be Ganzohnegnade’s reign is endangered? Also, his stablemate, Toshiro Mi-Matsuzawa has been awarded by a Jun-Yusho.

Makushita #1 East, Nakamaro Ganzübel, just confirmed the Kyokai made a mistake by blocking his early Juryo advance by scoring a total victory in his division and beating his another stablemate in playoffs.

Sandanme division Championship has been awarded to Chomei Ohama. It’s the first Chanpionship both for him, and for his stable, Oo2.

Jonidan division has been conquered by Kimi Vegeta. Young rikishi from Ibaraki prefecture joins his awarded collegues, bringing first Jonidan Championship to Tenshinhan stable.

Jonokuchi Championship went to Hiroharu Wega. This Sternenblitz-oyakata disciple is another one, who started with a perfect record. How long his streak will be?

National Zensho has been not awarded.

Emperor Cup has been not awarded.


We may say – Finally. Starting from April Basho 2017, two years after my work in Rikishi Game begun, we will have a top-most division implemented: Makuuchi.

Both sekitori divisions contestants have been announced already to torikumi makers to improve working on the matchmaking. Banzuke is prepared and awaiting for a full publication.

With this poll, there will be a voting about Sanyaku ranks. As you heard in the last article, we have two ways of implementing sanyaku:

– First one is gradually implementation: Komusubi and Sekiwake after April, Ozeki (if available) after another tournament, then Yokozuna (if available)

– Second one is adding a complete Sanyaku after April tournament. That way would need some additional discussion between the oyakatas.

Poll will be open until tournament’s Senshuraku (Final Day).


When April banzuke will be published, another option will appear – Retirement.

How it would work? Simple – Oyakata clicks the “Retire” link/button (looking for a graphic for a button…). After clicking, rikishi disappears immediately from the stable. His career is over. Later (most probably before publishing next banzuke), basing on a rikishi’s achievements (victory percentage, number of awards, time spent in higher divisions etc.), oyakata will get an accomodation.

Retiring a rikishi won’t be available until he scores his first make-koshi.

I humbly ask you to avoid retiring a rikishi before or during upcoming basho.

After the April basho, probably a huge number of rikishi will retire, mostly from less active stables. I hope all divisions will be able to stay rather intact.

In terms of the stables, which have rarely seen their oyakatas (no oyakata visit in last month), rikishi will retire after he finish his 2Xth tournament (X = “peak basho” value – number of tournament after which rikishi’s real level starts to drop). In example, if rikishi’s level went grey after his 12 tournament, he will retire after finishing his 24th one.

In terms of Demo stable, it will be 3Xth tournament. Also, Demo-oyakata won’t be able to manually retire a rikishi.


As you know, game is now being slowly rewritten to allow further improvements. Right now team contains two web-developers with one dedicated specially to rewrite the code.

When a new “client version” will reach a little more stable state, some sneak peeks will be published. Feel free to add suggestions.