Makushita Yusho goes to Koki Ganzohnegnade, Bembel-oyakata must be proud of young Gifu prefecture native. He managet to get third consecutive Yusho, second consecutive Makushita Yusho and brings to his stable an Emperor Cup.

Sandanme Yusho winner is Gombei Mi-Wajima, another Hessian-oyakata disciple, which will increase the pressure on Ganzohnegnade. Which streak – his or Gansohnegnade’s – will be broken first?

Jonidan Yusho went to Norio Gugugajubu, training in Suchiben-beya. Another „formidable young rikishi” with very low number of upsets in his career.

Jonokuchi Yusho has been awarded to Yosai Mi-Pia, from Hessian-beya, who is at the moment without any loss. Will Jonidan rikishi confront him with the reality?

Special award: Emperor’s Cup went to Bembel-beya.

National Zensho was not awarded.

Koenagi vs Momotami

Match against Koenagi (Kosimazaki-beya) and Momotami (Demo-beya) is announced because of one significiant thing: Both rikishi are passed their peak moment.

Starting next basho, you may see something different on your older rikishi stats – namely in place of one Level number, there will be two numbers. Smaller black, telling about actual level, and Larger gray, telling about level used in the match calculations.

Of course, „passing” the moment doesn’t mean rikishi will start to lose every match he has. In real life we know rikishi which achieved a significant age, but did very well in the highest division.

But when is the „peak moment”? I don’t think I should show that information for each rikishi. I may say it’s between 10 and 25 bashos, but higher talent has some additional bashos. I know it’s a small number, but – as you will probably see – some number of rikishi will fight for years even with that system.

What next?

Next thing, which will be introduced (maybe even April Basho, but I need your opinions!) will be both: Upkeep and possibility to retire a rikishi.

Initial ideas are simple: Specified number of rikishi will be „free”. Having more rikishis than that number will result in costs. Per each additional rikishi, a number of yen will be subtracted the moment new banzuke is published. Question is: what number would be optimal? We don’t want to have too little number, but we don’t want to have it too high, too. Time to analyze some real-life stables. 😛

Players will have also a possibility to end a career of their rikishis. To prevent „mass-genocide”, rikishi will have to compete in specified number of bouts/bashos (to discuss)

Demo-beya, again, will be a „special case” – mostly because Demo-oyakatas community won’t have an option to retire a rikishi. Demo-beya rikishi will retire after basho if certain conditions appeared (with each rikishi being a specified case, in which any interested oyakata can peek) To have a quick example: Mizuno (Ms18e) will be safe as long as he will keep up in the top, but Yamaha (Jd10e) probably already looks for a place for his future danpatsu-shiki.