Welcome to Juryo!

As you can see, starting from this year Kyushu Basho we have a Juryo – real-life second best division in Ozumo. That means we’re ready to go for more.

For the first month Juryo will consist of 30 rikishi. It will slowly grow into number of 70, then split into 40-men Makuuchi and 30-men real Juryo. Each basho those wrestlers have whooping 15 matches. Astounding. BUT! More matches equals more problems, as:

  • Those rikishi will get only 8 EP during the Basho (Days 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15). Giving them 1 EP per match would gave them enormous advantage after going back to toriteki divisions, but giving them as normal number of EP feels not fair for them. So, an additional Effort Point.
  • Those matches will be prepared manually, mostly by Bembel-oyakata. We will avoid this way the situation in which best rikishi fought against themselves in the initial days. We have almost completely prepared script.
  • Match generation procedure will be changed. First, Sekitori matches will be selected manually. Then, after 2-3 hours of publication of sekitori matches, all remaining divisions will be generated.

Good Luck and Have Fun!